Friday, December 31, 2010

heart attack on new year's eve

kpopflash hates me so I can't livestream MBC Gayo Daejun tonight.The only part i could watch-when After School performed with their newest member.And oh oh,there's one of their members playing the guitar while performing 'Bang!'oh my god it was SO COOL! i can't even breathe! but I heard SJ once again did a great job.they're wearing PILOT OUTFITS.guys,it's PILOT OUTFIT.okay i'm going to die.I wanna fly with SUJU AIR AND ALL THESE COOL PILOTS~~ I saw Leeteuk's photos for tonight perf on tumblr.tsk tsk T.T he is so distracting with a guyliner.what should i do with my life?he's getting hotter these days T.T

i know no one will bother theirself reading my post so bye bye i'm going to stop here.good night and happy new year! *self firework*

p/s:hey i forgot to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SJ'S AEGYO KING-LEE SUNGMIN!keep on being osm Minnie *hugs*

it's 20 freaking 11 guys!

sorry but i'm a bit excited about this.hehe.just like usual,everybody will make their own new year's resolution.okay just follow the flow.haha.

  • i'm going to study harder T.T
  • be a good daughter,sister,student and friend.
  • try to be more socialize with people
  • i won't let my roomate manipulate myself again.
  • i want a pair of new jeans.that SPAO jeans is so damn gorgeous.tsk tsk want T.T
  • i really hope that i'll get to minimize my onlining time because lately i've been such an internet freak and what did I do is just onlining 24/7 .wailt? T.T
  • i don't want to make a promise or hopes or whatsoever that i'll stop myself from spazzing too much or acting such a retarded kid whenever I came across the word 'kpop'.because i know i won't stop myself from all this and yeah i'll continue spazzing like mad and become such a butthurt fan because i'm cool like that.THAHAHA

Thursday, December 30, 2010

too much hotness.i'm not going to survive this *breathe in breathe out*

bila sampai waktu waktu macam ni lah rasa nak buat tumblr yang kpop-based.tsk tsk T.T

seriously I have no one to share this craziness.People know i'm a fan of Super Junior but they don't know i'm actually OBSESSED over them.I livestreamed SBS Gayo Daejun last night and waited patiently for nearly 4 hours just for 5 minutes perfomance by them.but no worries,its worth the wait.yeah i experienced incoherent thinking for a while and Leeteuk's smirk during that perf kept haunting me until now.I really thought this perf is their best perf for this year but..

few minutes ago,I livestreamed KBS Music Festival and once again I thought i'm gonna go crazy.just imagine all ELF stand up when they're performing and everyone chanting non-stop.its like a great shocking things watching their unbelieve perf last night and i'm not yet recover from that traumatic experience and there you go,another perf that makes me spazzing like mad.oh god i wanna scream when all the pics and gifs(lots of gif O.O.I mean it!) for tonight perf already spreading all over tumblr rn.everybody go crazy tonight.idek T.T need to stabilize my mind now.

anddddd tomorrow,there's another show to watch.MBC Gayo Daejun.and I heard there'll be a shooting scene between 2PM Miss A and SJ f(x).fffffuuuuuuu.what is this what is this?i'm going to livestream it tomorrow night.just pray for me i'll be back with a coherent mind and can continue blogging like usual.

terpikir nak buat tumblr kpop-based tapi takut jap gi lagilah xtido kejenye spazzing sampai pagi T_____T tuhan,apa sudah jadi dgn diri aku?tsk tsk TT.TT

the right track

Thursday, December 23, 2010


2 freaking AM right now and i'm sitting here,hyperventilating and got a huge urge to scream but i can't because everybody's sleeping so the easiest way is to write it all here.haha

one of my friend posted a video of Sungmin's cut in the 'President' drama in fb.I knew he played as a president's son in that drama but I'm not that excited to watch it I just buffered that video while i'm browsing some of Jay's thingy in other sites.Did I tell you that i'm head over heels with Jay right now?haha because he's so damn amazing when he's in SM The Ballad.

Then after a while,I watched that video and I was like O.o wao!is that really our Minnie?He's good in acting!I know I need to watch this drama! and after a while spazzing over Sungmin,there's a new character in that video.He looks familiar..and I felt like screaming when I realise he's actually Jay that is also acting in this drama.

and the latest news I heard is,Yesung will be collaborating with f(x) Luna to sing the OST for this drama.ok I know this is crazy.Double splendid right?haha

no kidding,i'll buy the DVD soon.god god this is so freaking amazing and i'm so excited right now and i'm seeing unicorn and birds flying in my room and i'll dance till morning and i'll make sure that i'll wake my family up to tell them about this because i'm cool like that.haha

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 songs you need to listen before 2010 ends

1.Hot Times by SM The Ballad
A perfect song in showing their vocal strengthness.They sang it flawlessly but I
really think Jjong need to minimize his 'yelling' part *i don't know what do you call that
part -.-" *and the best thing is..Kyuhyun rap in this tell me where else can you hear him rapping?haha small things like this always make me excited *pathetic fangirl life*but all in all,this song is totally amazing.I give 6 stars out of 5 and you can just ignore the fact that i dead
when Jay said 'hey!' at the beginning of its music video.

2.Don't Lie by SM The Ballad ft Henry Lau
another great song from this group.I got hooked when I heard this song for the first time.And
of course,the rapping part by Henry is the highlight here.gosh I really hope they make
a music video for this song or sing it in live perfomances.I have a high expectation for this song
but you know people are always being biased towards Henry so yeah..

3.My Ear's Candy by Baek Ji Young ft Taecyeon of 2PM
ok I know this song can't be categorised as a new song.pathetic me is always a lil bit
behind ;__; I never knew Taec's voice is so manly.I'm not a big shipper of 2PM so I can't
really tell who's who in their song.This song proved me that Taec actually got a great
voice to spazzed about. and oh,the lyrics too..its fun hearing them sang this part :

I love you
Wo ai ni
Te quiero

4.With U by After School
I don't know who sang this part-'every day every single night' at the beginning of this song but
I think it was Kahi.I pictured Nicole Scherzinger whenever I listen to that part.dont know why
-.-" I told you,After School is not just an average girl group.They got voices.After School's
ballad songs always have a special place in my heart.HAHA

5.All My Heart by SJ
haha can't leave this.SJ's song is a must.The lyrics is written by Leeteuk
(guys, cool is that?LOL) and the music is composed by Henry Lau.It is
from their 4th album and i'm not being biased or whatsover as it was written by the
leader,but this song is really O.o yeah I raped the replay button when I listen to this song
because their voices are just so soothing and beautiful homaigod I think i'm gonna die.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

When I Fall

After School-When I Fall
I never get tired listening to this song.Kahi's voice is beautiful :))

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

nothing to do

i'll kill my time this holiday by reading all this novels :))

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

and here's the novel that I'd been searching for a long time :
The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks