Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i speak sarcasm

kepada semua reporter Berita Harian,

jom semua ke Putrajaya 28 Mei ni.mari tengok remaja Malaysia fanatik kpop bunuh diri ramai-ramai kat sana.

All hail Macbeth!All hail Macbeth!

i've been busy with college lately.they're going to make a dramatization for Macbeth at TER this coming i joined the make up team for the dramatization together with other girls /it's okay you can laugh now

hey guys

so i got to see them 1 month ago.i can't say i remember everything that happened on that night because frankly,i don't.i spazzed too much during the concert and there are only some things that i can must be one of the most beautiful day for me as this is what i'm craving for in these past 3's finally came true as i got to meet them this close ;_;

i'll share it here once i have the time to write it up.for the time being,lemme recall what had happened on that night first.hehe :))

this is so true i'm going to cry ;_;

That painful feeling that you are so in love with your bias and yet you will realize, “He’s an idol and I’m just a fan.” We are only connected with the help of the internet and you’re in a non-existing relationship. Then what’s worse is that your real life friends will call you crazy and even laugh at you for being delusional. So in the end you will end up going online to meet the people who can only understand you and what you really feel.