Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A sudden suggestion from mom.

It's funny how my sister and I both went silent the moment she uttered the words lol. Guess we're too overwhelmed with what she's saying. Negl, I was quite excited and went adsjkplmawrtq at first but oh well, better not to put our hopes too high. Anything can happen in these next 8 months. December is still a looooong way to go. But still, having a little hope in this won't hurt right?

The moment you stood next to me
I like it so much, how you looked at me
Though I cried yesterday,
today because of you
My tomorrow will be happy.
It’s not about the face, not about the style,
I just needed his tender love
To forget all the time that has passed
I can now no longer do anything without you

I don’t know anything but love.
I’ve always waited for this day
As much as the sorrowful time, please hold me
Cause you might fade away like that wind I had longed for
I love you. And I want to see you again if we are parted.
I like you so much.
-I Only Know Love, Shim Soo Bong