Sunday, October 24, 2010


so,I got a chance to make a video call via facebook to my former roomate in Kedah Matriculation College (KMK) few minutes ago.They were all gathered up on a bed,grinning and each of them tried their best to be in front.Gosh it was chaotic.We were laughing and make stupid jokes for a while before the line was off.Problems occured.And there you go..I'm completely felt down and all my happiness shattered.

Demi Allah,aku sangat sangat rindu pada mereka.Until I felt like crying seeing those faces just now.

*down to top* Nabilah,Fitrah(roomate),Yana,Togeh(roomate),Aliah(roomate),Munirah(my classmate & also the girl in front of my room)

I feel so lost at times.

I just sat still on sajadah after having my Zuhur prayer on a hectic sunday.It was a quiet evening with no one can be heard walking at the corridor or voices that shouting and laughing as usual.Looking that I had already done my prayer,my roomate turn up the volume of the songs that she was listening.You come to me by Sami Yusof then playing slowly in my room.And suddenly I felt weird.I felt like I had lost something.With all the assignments,classes and busy life I'm living today until sometimes I can barely sleep,I tend to forget about Him.I forgot that I still have Allah to share all my problems.I forgot that He will listen to me whenever I'm tired with what I'm doing.I wanna cry but the tears won't come out.

I want to be in His embrace once again.
I want to feel the feeling of being loved by Him once again.

O Allah,please keep my faith.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


tiga bulan mencuba,masih belum dapat melihat rasionalnya keputusan ini yg aku ambil dulu.tuhan.semua ini bukan untuk 5 tahun ini sahaja tapi untuk selama-lamanya.

sabarlah hati,mungkin ada hikmahnya.