Friday, January 27, 2012


“That’s how it is in this life, you know.” Ryeowook looked up at him through eyes, thick with dark and smoky make-up. He gave him a smile that bordered on condescending. “Sometimes, we think people will catch us, but they don’t. After a while, you just learn how to fall gracefully.”

-Never Believe, It's Not So (Frances)

Monday, January 23, 2012

rolls in bliss hewhew

dsjkpcdsjkplckplmawjsckp guise believe it or not, I got a reply from Sungjin /sobs into hands/ Just randomnly sent him a tweet last few days after seeing him posted a selca, never thought my Hyun-Bin-tweet will make him that happy rofl. It's either no one ever tell him about his face looks a bit similar to Hyun Bin or he's just too tired of receiving the same compliment from others hurr. But I guess it's the first one rofl.

Whatever, I am a happy unicorn. My crush replied to my tweet /dances/ Will just read his reply for the nth time and going dsjkplmdsjkplmawtyksd all over again n__n

His tweet says ".....thank you 아리가토고자이마스감사합니다" which means ".....thank you arigatougozaimasu kamsahamnida" (It all means "thank you" in english, japanese and korean)

It all started from this selca. Look at his side profile. He does look like Hyun Bin guys. Your argument is invalid.

For those who are wondering, Lee SungJin is the younger brother of Lee SungMin, one of Super Junior's member. And yes, he's still studying and working as the part-time waiter at Kona Beans (which is his mom cafe) atm. He's weird. And cute. Hella cute tbqh. No 1 supporter of his brother. And his english always makes you want to do instant pocketing.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laporan minggu ini.

Minggu kedua sebagai pelajar degree. Haha. Semuanya okay, masih boleh trollin antara satu sama lain, tengok movie ramai-ramai tiap-tiap malam, sebelum pukul 11 masing-masing dah terbaring atas katil. Ni awal-awal sem, tunggulah 1-2 minggu lagi. Waktu tetap masuk tidur mesti lebih dari pukul 2 pagi. Tengok je lah.

Minggu lepas pakat ramai-ramai tengok Ombak Rindu (atas desakan Jannah sebab ada Harun Aziz dalam tu haha). Rasanya movie ni salah genre kot. Patutnya die letak bawah genre komedi. Tak tahu mana salahnya, part sedih pun jadi bahan gelak budak-budak ni. Semua bermula dari cara Maya Karin pakai tudung. Lepas tu semuanya jadi kelakar. Dialog-dialog Ombak Rindu secara semberononya jadi bahan mainan pulak lepas tengok cerita tu. Tapi mungkin sebab dah baca novel dia, jadi tak feel mana bila tengok movie. Asyik cari beza versi novel dengan movie je sepanjang tengok D:

Masuk hari ni dah seminggu tak ambik tahu pasal fandom haha. Mood hilang sejak kena balik sini hurhur. Takpelah, tunggu 2-3 hari lagi. Ambik feel dulu hihihihi.

Is it normal to miss your bias /this/ much? Idk, it's kinda embarrassing but lol I suddenly cried last two evenings when I remembered duckface. I miss him so much, like so much idk how to describe it :( I.....just ignored him for 1 week tho. Wonder how it'll be later if he goes on to the army for 2 years ;_;

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I miss duckface :(

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2012! (hey guise we're going to die soon. lol jk)

haha idek what did I do in 2011. All I remember are exam, legit depression in the first 6 months of 2011 because I was chosen as the class' PKU, Acu and Jo's troll faces bouncing in my bed while singing 'Selamat Hari Jadi Najihah' on my birthday, being convinced that my tutor actually hates me, crying over my sad life every Wednesday because of tennis practise, and oh, being a hyperactive derp on Jungsoo's birthday. Yes, yes. Pretty much like that.

Idk, I don't think 2011 is that osm for me. But yeah, thank God for whatever happening last year (yes last year, because it's frickin 12.40AM now. January 1, 2012) I managed to survive until today :'> Honestly, I think the most wonderful thing that was happening to me in 2011 is meeting my Super Junior bbs last March. It's like a dream came true, can't be forgotten for the rest of my life. Sigh, I want to relive those moments.

hurhurr have no new year resolution. Enough with my harapan to be a good daughter and a productive student this 2012. And hewhew may the year of 2012 bring loooooooooots of success to SJ (hope they won't stop promoting T^T) Happy New Year once again everyone!

side note:
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY LEE SUNGMIN! Bunny Ming, stay healthy and cute! i lob you!