Monday, August 29, 2011

Farewell for now.

'If we love each other, if we really love each other
then someday we will meet again, when I am able to give you happinesss
Lets just cry for a little bit, for a moment lets just cry.
Even though it hurts, goodbye. For you, goodbye'
-Seoshee,Kim Heechul 2008

I know this time will come,but i didn't expect it will be too soon.Frankly,I did cry when I watched his last performance yesterday evening.Watching him standing there during the encore stage,giving his speech,fingers intertwining with his bestfriend's who's obviously already lose it all at that moment really makes me wonder when will I get to see this again.Kim Heechul standing together with Super Junior...........will that time come again?It hurts to see how he tried his hard to hold back his tears like that.But that's Kim Heechul.He hates to cry in front of others.

I can slowly accept the fact that he's still going to go at the end of the day.I'm a bit calmer now I guess,not like what happened few days ago when the official announcement of his enlistment being made.Devastated.Yes,that's a great word to show how I feel that day.My first time crying over someone that doesn't even know me at all in real life.I bet all my friends will be like 'eww' and 'who's this psychotic obsessive fangirl?sorry idk her' if they see me at that time.Tears flow like mad lol.

I know this is not going to be the last.ELF still need to send another 10 guys after Heechul.I have no more choice other than ignoring all the heartpain they bring./sigh/ If it hurts this much because of Heechul,idk what will happen when it's Jungsoo's turn soon.

To my dearest Kim Heechul,I respect your desicion.Go and serve for your country,make us proud.2 years is just a short period of time,right?I will eat well,study hard,live happily with your memories within that period.And when the time come for you to be discharged,we will be by your side,welcoming you back to the family.Please be healthy and don't ever change.I want to see the same Kim Heechul in 2 years.Kim Heechul that just keep being himself in whatever situations,Kim Heechul that got this diva vibe but has an unconditional love for all his dongsaengs,Kim Heechul that all this while dedicated himself being a pillar to Park Jungsoo,his favourite hyung.Kim Heechul that we know and love.Please come back safely.I love you.

2 years or forever,I will be waiting for you to come back.