Thursday, November 11, 2010

cacat tanpa hidayah-Mu.

I don't have any idea how to start this.This thing kept wandering in my mind this week.Sorry,frankly it was already there since six or five months ago.I want to change.I felt something whenever I saw Musleem women with jilbab.The feeling of secure.

I never tell anyone about this but a few days ago I told one of my friend about my intention.Just seeking her opinion and advices.

'You better take the chance if you've got the call to do it.Afraid it will not come ever again'

yes,she said that.

and before this I questioned the same thing to other friend.But the answer is not that supportive.

'Just wear it if you want.But I know it won't be long.With our situation and surroundings,I doubt you will stay forever like that'

..I have the intention to do it.but i'm afraid I'm not istiqamah in doing this.Seriously,I don't want that to happen.