Monday, August 27, 2012


Luqman pura-pura malu.

little spongebobs

Moga Syahir, Zainab dan Putri membesar jadi orang berguna nanti. Cikgu sayang kamu semua.

Was assigned to teach pre-school students last Sunday with Min and Thah. I had so much fun being with the kids tbh. They're so adorable and clingy that it just makes you want to pocket them so bad :( Taught them maths but idek how did I explain it, they end up not understand it at all rofl. Frustrated with what happened, I just let them colour all the pictures that they have in their maths exercise book lol. Failed even more when they asked what the colour of the rainbow and I was like "okay wait ah teacher will try to remember it first. Michael Jackson kena halau balik uhm uhm okay give up you can just use any colour that you like it's okay thehehe". Resulting them to have rainbows with the colours of black, chocolate and white.

The kids are so clingy orz especially the adorable Zainab and Putri. It's cute to see how they kept following me in the class with the colouring books in their hands demanding me to sit and accompany them to finish colouring lol. Had this 'little crush' on this one smart little boy in their class, Syahir who happened to be the class monitor lol. He's like super cute and adorable that I need to fight the urge of squishing his cheeks the whole time we were in that class lol. (I still can fell his little fingers grabing my hand when I stretched out my arm for him omg T^T)

Missing them seriously.

and orz actually sobbing bcs I met Syahir this afternoon when he was waiting for his mother to come and pick him up and the first person that he eagerly stretched out his little fingers while saying "nak salaaam" is me T^T so cute i feel like melting on the spot lulz

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

raya 2012.

hi this is Al-Mu'minah and I stucks in traffic after pulang beraya.

Eid Mubarak guys.

wow actually amused that I abandon this blog without posting any new entry for almost //4 months// sigh, what to do. Have been too busy catching up with life. This sem is totally such a pain in the ass :< idek anymore where did all my times go. It's like I'm struggling to finish the assignments for every single minutes then boom we're already in August. Just for the record, I have 9 assignments that need to be submitted after this raya holiday (and to think that I haven't started doing any yet.......lulz) Plus, I'll be going for my 2nd SBE this August 26th for a week together with that certain someone /points at the person next to me in the picture above lol/. Seriously hoping that everything's going to be well esp the students in the school we'll be going to. Ahh, nvm life must go on so let's think positive and try to do our best in everything we do! Okay with that, Happy Raya once again! Hehe.

still searching for the sites that sell good and affordable winter clothes. Blergh why did I choose to go there during winter tho DX