Monday, May 16, 2011


i knew them for almost 3 years okay.and it's not just started since 4-5 months ago or during this 'Kpop madness' in Malaysia or since sorry sorry being played on Era or Hot FM or Klasik Nasional or whatsoever.i've been an avid fan of them for these past few some people just trying to make me mad.

Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia

it's going to be a loooong story so i guess i should shorten it a bit.okay i'll skip some parts that i consider as not-that-important hehe :)

sapphire blue sea :')

i started my so-called journey to meet the boys on march 18 with Amani and Ama.We stayed somewhere in Shah Alam together with Ama's sister.Amani and me planned to go to the stadium a bit early as we bought the rockpitt tickets and we need to queu first.but things not going smoothly and we just managed to arrive there at 12 PM and there's already a loooongg queu of fans with the rockpitt tix.

The whole thing was awesome.Sapphire Blue was everywhere.Fanclubs were trying their best to make sure all fans take part in their fanproject by giving a lot of free stuff including banners and photocards(this is what i like the most.lots of free stuff babyyyy)

I remembered i was going all crazy once the banner of Leeteuk and Henry arrived.sobs the feeling i can't even explain it.

Eip i missed a lot actually.I was not there when SJ arrived and entered the i was in the ladies.all i can hear is the fans' hysterical screams.I was q-ing since 1 pm and it's raining real bad at 3.The situations became tensed with all the fans kept pushing each other plus sj kept appearing and teasing us by waving from inside the stadium T.T

oh i remember the time we're all wet soaked in rain,there's one girl that distributed some photocards of sj members.Amani and me were like already giving up during that time and we just took w/ever they gave to us.idk what's gotten into us but one thing that i remember was we're all screamed like mad once we got a KyuMin's photocard (rofl now I knew we're all KyuMin's shipper at heart.she didn't bother to tell me about this before haha)

we managed to enter the stadium at 4.30 pm and they played SJ's songs all the time we're waiting for the show to start.The best part is all the fans were singing together to the songs and we even did some waves,cheering,fanchants etc :))

the stadium went dark at 6 and the only thing that i could see is a Sapphire Blue ocean made by all the lighsticks of the fans.I swear it was so beautiful and all this while i was hoping real bad to experience this ocean even for once in my life.and boom,it's already became a reality now :')

the first person to appear on stage was Donghae.He was held by a rope and stayed above us for a few minutes before a round thingy block or whatever you call them slowly held up and there you go,sj-members in that block,kneeling.the first person that i saw was Leeteuk ;_; He was kneeling right in front of me,with that serious and focusing face.i can't really describe what i felt at that time because i was too amazed that I thought he's some kind of doll or w/ever and for a few seconds i was thinking 'where's the real members?' and hoping for them to pop out from nowhere because the one that was already in front of me at that very moment were too perfect idek ;_; i'm not saying this to exaggerate things but they're real perfect.flawless and all.

the whole show was daebak,and i lost my voice that night for screaming too much.My personal favourite part of the concert is definitely during Leeteuk's solo stage.He was on piano,wearing suits and singing to Wang Lee Hom's Kiss Goodbye.This song is my all time favourite from Lee Hom and i guess you can expect what had happened to me once he sang that song.My ultimate bias singing to my favourite song while playing the piano right in front of me oh god i got goosebump just by thinking of this.His voice was so soothing that i nearly cried when all the fans sing along with him.I swear it's awesome.real awesome ;_; the concert ended at 10pm and the photobook that we made...err we forgot to give it to them during the concert because we're too busy spazzzing.but yeah,we throw it onto the stage when the concert already ended (with a hope that staffs will collect all the presents and give it to the boys hurhurr)

but i think Leeteuk hates me.He came to my pitt just for..3/4 times?sobs my ultimate bias.waylt ;_;

there's a lottttttt of things that i want to share actually but i know this will make you bored.well then,have some pitcasss guys :)

lol that proud and wide smile in front of Henry's banner.i love this guy okay,and he just doesn't deserve all the hatred thrown by some fans to him T.T

evil magnae :))

banner from 4Yesung.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

goodbye ss3 and hello ss4 :')

so tonight is the last stop for the super show 3 which is in vietnam.seeing all the updates on twitter and tumblr just made my heart sank a bit.idk,the memories of previous ss3 malaysia is still vivid in my mind.eip we should say goodbye to ss3 more new pics of flying teuk and ming during no other after this.also half naked siwon at the end of the concert plus lady hee hee and shinyonce and that sexy body wave of EunHae and and Ming and drummist Hae and everything okay lol

now i'm super duper excited for ss4 and the 5th album!