Friday, November 16, 2012

nov 16 yeahh

I really had a great time went out with Mu'minah and Sarah today. Too bad Jannah and Ema can't join us :( It would be so much better if they're here too ugh :(

Btw we had a short catching-up session at KFC this morning lulz since we didn't meet for months already (sarah lah, mu'minah jumpa tetiap hari dah kat tempat blaja sane hahaha k). It just felt right to hear their stupid jokes and convo again. Sobs. Went to karaoke with Sarah after Mu'minah decided to leave at 3 harhar. We sang 6 songs including our must-have-song-for-karaoke which is lmao Simple Plan's Your Love Is a Lie. OUR THROAAAAAAAT ;_; LOL. Namun segalanya tidak terhenti disitu. We found ourselves standing at the counter of that karaoke place  again after 5 minutes bcs dude one does not simply stop after 6 songs. Not enough man not enough. So we went in again for another 4 songs harhar. Sabar je lah dengan perangai sendiri.

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